QwikPay is a tickeless & Cashless payment solutions that allows user to quickly pay for parking using smart phone.
Yes, there is a simple registration process.

It’s easy! Just download the apps in Google Play and Apple App Store by typing the word “QwikPay” or “Qwik Pay”, register your account by following the registration process (one time only) and topup your credit.

Please refer the picture below with red square:

You can earn when you make any payment using Qwik Pay.

For Gated / Private building

1. Click the “Generate QR Code” icon at Home page. 
2. Scan the QR code at the QwikPay QR Code Reader Box during Entry and Exit of the parking premise. That’s all, and the transaction is complete.

Note: You may check your parking status and parking fees at the status section.

  • No cash needed;
  • No tickets needed;
  • Live parking status updates;
  • No more queuing for Autopay machines;
  • Online top-up anywhere, anytime;
  • Pay at own convenience, whether you’re on go or in the comfort & safety of your own vehicle; and
  • Environment-friendly.

QwikPay is committed to protecting our customer information.
All personal information is protected as specified in the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with third parties.

Here’s the full list of our operating sites and upcoming sites!


  • Menara Serba Dinamik, Shah Alam
  • Pusat Dagangan UMNO, Shah Alam
  • Seksyen 14, Shah Alam
  • Pacific Place Block J, Ara Damansara
  • Century Square, Cyberjaya
  • Hospital Putrajaya
  • Midpoint Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur


  • Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam
  • KLIA2 valet, Kuala Lumpur
  • SCP Leisure Commerce Square, Petaling Jaya
  • Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, Penang
  • Telok Chempedek, Kuantan

Season Pass

The season pass is a parking fee on monthly basis, users can choose and pay based on how many months they required. Season pass followed as scheduled if expiry date occurs. 
After receiving the season pass, the user will be able to look at the information in the season pass especially the “Active” status. Users can start to scan their QR codes from Qwikpay App as usual on the entrance and exit barriers. 

Note: Please make sure you have enough balance in your wallet*

Step 1:  
Click on “Season Parking” icon to see list of applied season pass or to apply new season pass. To apply new season pass, click on “Apply New Season Pass” button.   

Step 2:  
On the next page, users will see a list of on pass locations. Select a location where you want to apply season pass.   

Step 3:  
Select required details and click on “Submit For Approval” button. Once submitted, operator from your selected location can approve or reject your season pass application.   

Step 4:  
After successfully submitted, you can see the status on the application. 

Note: Please make sure you have enough balance in your wallet*

Step 1: 
Select Season Parking icon and the location on applied season pass list.  

Step 2: 
Click on “Renew Season Pass” button to renew season pass or “Request For Termination” button to terminate your season pass.  

Step 3: 
When users click on the “Renew Season Pass” button, the user needs to select the duration then the Total Amount will be calculated. Click on “Confirm” button to renew your season pass with a new duration. 

Step 4: 
After successfully applied, click on the location in applied season list and check details of renewed season pass. 

The Season Pass is a scheduled system, meaning that if your season pass expires on that date, the renewed season pass will follow from the expiration date. You may renew early before the expiration date occurs. If the expiration date is far from the desired date, you can terminate the season pass to get a new season pass as on FAQ Number 3. 

Yes, for security purposes, Qwikpay system does not allow anyone to renew or apply the season pass unless there is no active parking. Please make sure you are not parked in while applying to renew the season pass. 

Not all locations require a deposit to apply for a season pass, only this list is required: 
– Pacific Place
– MKN 
– Pandan Kapital 

The Season Pass has (5) five different statuses namely “New> Active> Expired> Lapsed> Terminated”. If you have just applied, the application will be checked first for confirmation from the “operator” which takes at least 48 working hours. Applicants are advised to make an initial application before using it. 

To get a new date, you need to terminate the Season Pass if the Season Pass date has expired too long or the status has changed to “Lapsed”.  To end the season pass, refer to following steps: – 

Step 1: 
Select the “Request For Termination” button on the Season Pass. 

Step 2: 
Select the desired date and “Reason” to end the Season Pass. 

Step 3: 
Press the “Confirm Termination” button if it is sure and complete.   

The operator will review and accept the application if there are no errors.  You will be able to see the status of the Season Pass changed to “Terminated” if the application is accepted, then you can follow the steps of the new Season Pass application to get a new date. 

Sorry, an expired Season Pass cannot be renewed or applied for a new pass, you need to follow the pass cancellation and pass application steps if you want a new Season Pass. 

Please ensure that the Season Pass status is “Terminated”, if you have already applied for “Termination” more than 48 hours, please contact Qwikpay customer service. 

 “Grace Period” is the period given to each user who is a few days late to renew the Season Pass, a period that is extended before the expiration date arrives.  For example: 

Pass Starts: 1 June 
Expires: 30 June 
Renewal Date: 4 June 
Expiration Date + Grace Period: 3 July 

No, only these places is given a “Grace Period” which is: 

  • MidPoint – 7 days 
  • Pacific Place – 7 days 
  • Menara Serba Dinamik – 7 days 
  • Pandan Kapital  – 7 days 
  • Century Square – 3 days 


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